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by UPKnife

UPK-T1 Rocket Tool (Billet w/Carbtina) Limited edition

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This is the ultimate pocket Phillips screwdriver and Pry Bar combo made in Hardened Tool Stainless Steel. This tool is meant to lie in the bottom of your pocket, ready when you need it.

It's a serious time saver to have on-hand! 

Built Tough for Heavy-Duty use.


  • Integrated PH#2 Phillips driver tip
  • 1/4" Hex box end wrench bit holder
    • O-ring bit retention
  • 1/4" Hex center position "T-Handle" position
  • 8mm flat tip pry edge with center split groove
  • Dual claw pry arms
    • functions as Right or Left handed can opener
  • 4mm Hex driver
  • Storage for:
    • 2x - 1/4" Hex bits 25mm(short)
    • 1x - 1/4" Hex bit 50mm
  • Finish: BrightMetal
    • a scratch resilient surface produced by tumble polishing then micro ball peening to create an even sheen that further improves performance creating surface compression that reduces stress fractures.
  • Made in 154CM Stainless Steel and Heat Treated with Cryo to HRC 60
    • Often referred to as "Blade Steel" or "Tool Steel" because of its significant hardness and use in blades and manufacturer tooling.


These are Limited edition and give the tools surface a unique character, no two pieces are the same.

What is Carbtina?  (carborized + patina)

During a unique batch of T1 Rocket Tools some pieces came out of the heat treatment processes with unique etchings caused by oxygen getting under the protective coating I used during the heat treatment to 2000+ degrees F. These were made using an experimental technique that was difficult to cleanup so they are limited edition, I have no plans on making more.  These are a great fit for those that like to have unique character in their tools.  The depressions are permanent and not going to affect the tools function, because the metal is already fully hardened. Each piece is unique.


  • 1x UPK-T1 Rocket Tool
  • 1set light O-Rings(6pcs+1extra)
  • 1set Heavy O-Rings(6pcs)

 UPK-T1 Rocket Tool Features and Specs




The Details

  • The integrated Philips #2 is the most frequently used tool tip, granting access to a cover/panel or changing the batteries.
  • The internal storage slot will fit either: 2 pcs of 1"(25mm) ¼” hex bits, or 1pc of extended 2"(50mm) hex bit. This is great to store those bits that are unique to your needs.
  • The 6 O-rings are carefully placed to capture the bits in storage and offering bit retention when wrenching.  The O-rings also provide a round screwdriver handle and grip feel, like a classic screwdriver. 
  • The pronged pry stud extensions "wings" offer lifting for anything from bottle tops, paint can lids, to even those stubborn acetone/alcohol plastic top caps.  In addition, they offer additional finger leverage to torque screws tight or loose in screw driver mode.
  • The Rocket Tool is made with a hardened 154CM stainless blade steel treated to HRC 60, and actually made for pry tasks without any significant wear.  This means hard tasks like working a nail out of a hard wood won’t causing irreversible damage to the tool.  The T1 is made to out last its user with practically no maintenance, though you might need to wipe off softer materials from its pry surface from time to time. 
  • At the tapered end is an 8mm x 1mm flat end for torquing screws, general prying, with the addition of a split tip groove to accommodate prying nails or binding an awkward pry job.  This tool was made to pry.

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