UPK-D1 Pocket Sai Trainer (Polymer Composite)

$29.95 $42.00

This UPK-D1 Pocket Sai was made in Polymer Composite at 100% scale and fully functional.  This material is impressively tough and rigid. 

If you are curious how the Pocket Sai works or just want to get your hands on a low price version to try it out, this is the one.


The choose from a Fiery Red, Navy Blue, Ominous Black, or select a Color Blade with a Black Handle for a darker mix.  If you want a combination not shown, put your own combo together in the Parts section.  Ex: Red Blade with Blue Handle and Red Button.


Designed from the ground up as an implementation of the Okinawan Sai, a defensive melee weapon that would be practical to carry and sheath itself.  The Handle slides to eclipse the blade's  edges and point, and makes an integrated sheath.  It's one-button locking mechanism is designed to engage in the open or closed position, and must me pressed to unlock it from either end.

Traditional inspiration

The original Okinawan Sai is a defensive melee weapon optimized for non-lethal techniques used by Okinawan police to control and subdue, noting that the saki(point) or yoku(prongs) offer pointed tips that would be used when a more lethal need arose.  I chose to shape the monouchi(main blade) of the Pocket Sai with beveled edges that draw to a point at its end giving it a more ominous look and a more effective tip for its compact size. The bevels enhance a more focused contact pressure on soft targets and provide improved piercing with the saki.  In respect to the traditional Sai, the Pocket Sai is pointed without live edges, this provides better resilience to weapon-on-weapon impact for melee control techniques.  

Material Specifications:

  • Blade: Polymer Composite
    • 50% Glass Filled Nylon
  • Handle: Polymer Composite
    • 50% Glass Filled Nylon
  • Lock Release Button: Hardcoat Anodized 7075-T6 Aluminum
  • Custom Screws: 450 Stainless steel
    • Heat Treated by Age Hardening to the H900 condition HRC 45
  • 301 Stainless Steel Springs


  • Extended length: 11.7 inches (297 mm)
  • Collapsed length: 7.3 inches (186 mm)
  • Weight: 1.8oz (50gr.)
  • Weight comparison alloy Pocket Sai are 8oz