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A minimal guard version of the Pocket Sai. The guards have been reduced by hand in this small batch so each is unique and provides the optimal amount of grip for blade retraction.

 The UPK-D4 Bayonet is made in 100% HARDENED STAINLESS STEEL

Un-edged vs. Double edged - these come unsharpened but ordering a double edged version will be completed in 48 hours with a edge grind that is brought to 1000grit wet silicone carbide and polished.

Thrower - optimized material for throwing, this implementation was done in 440A, a high carbon martensitic stainless with a lower carbon content then its 440B and 440C relatives, this makes a tougher resilient stainless in exchange for reduced hardness. Heat Treated to HRC 40-45 these are still harder then most the objects around you, but will take extreme abuse and offer a point of bending where harder alloys will break, making this ideal for extreme impacts and learning when the worst abuse takes place.

BrightMetal Finish - the raw milled heat treated stainless blade and handle are tumbled and then further polished before being micro ball peened, a process used in aerospace fabrication to reduce fatigue cracking and crack propagation in critical components.  This process requires a spherical media that is ultra hard and produces a  resilient micro orange peel effect.  This surface performs further to withstand scratches.

Billet Milledfabrication process, from SOLID bar/plate material.  The Blade and handle are milled from a solid piece of Martensitic Stainless Steel, this is the strongest way my designs could be made.



  • Blade Milled from 440A Stainless Steel
    • Heat Treated to 40-45 HRC
  • Handle made in 440A Stainless Steel 
    • Heat Treated to 40-45 HRC
  • Custom Hardware(Button and screws) made in 450 Stainless steel
    • Heat Treated by Age Hardening to the H900 condition HRC 45
  • 301 Stainless Steel Springs
    • Cold work Hardened to a Spring Temper


  • Extended length: 11.7 inches (297 mm)
  • Collapsed length: 7.3 inches (186 mm)
  • Weight: 0.4 lb (6 oz.)