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D-Series UPGRADE Kits

I created the D-Series as a new type of OTF crossed with something born from real weapon evolution, the Okinawan Sai, made to EDC.

The D-Series offers a wide range of materials and the ability to buy-to-try and upgrade as you wish.

This is where you come to UPGRADE your existing D-Series components to Level Up or obtain New looks.

Every Component is made in the toughest material type of its class:

*Color codes indicates material*

  • Poly - RED - 50% Glass  Filled Nylon from the composite polymers
    • 9 ksi Tensile Strength
  • AL - BLACK - 7075-T6 from the Aluminum class
    • 74 ksi Tensile Strength
  • SS - Hardened Martensitic Stainless steels targeting specific properties per application: 440A, 14C28N, CPM 154CM, and CPM MagnaCut.
    • 220-350+ ksi Tensile Strength

NOTE ALL 3 Hardware screws MUST BE INSTALLED with Loc-Tite

Loc-Tite 243 0.5ml small jobs tube is provided with every kit.


*TOOL REQUIRED (Not included)

*Torx T-20 Driver

UPK-D Series UPGrade Map

UPK-D1 Pocket Sai

UPK-D1 Pocket Sai



D-Series UPGRADE Kits


UPK-D Series

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