UPK-F Series

Fixed Blade Custom Knives

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UPK-F1 Predator prototype with paracord wrap

100% USA materials

100% Custom Made by John Risch

The Predator pattern is inspired by the curves and shape of one of earth's longest standing predators, and my son's fascination, the shark. 

The blade shape embodies the profile and girth of the ocean's top predators with a specific purpose in creating an edge angle that allows the knuckles to clear a flat surface while chopping. The curved spline of the blade is comfortable in the hand and allows the forefinger to naturally extend toward the tip of the blade for control.  The gill cutouts incorporate the UPKnife chevrons with purpose in precision knife holds.  The location is specific for placement of the thumb and forefinger during a hold that offers the most guidance to the blade's angle.

The handle pattern is a distillation of the Tiger shark's ridgeline striped skin pattern and incorporates some of the most advanced CAD technology available.   I used FEA(Finite Element Analysis) load stress analysis to ensure that art didn't get in the way of utility and purpose, the inlaid cutouts balance aesthetic appeal and weight balance while ensuring the handle's strength was not compromised for the sake of "looking good"  Often in creative knives you can spot the place where its strength was compromised for aesthetics, a trade-off I am unwilling to make.


Evolution of the Predator