D-Series Red Polymer Composite Handle

$9.95 $12.90

available as a REPLACEMENT KIT

Polymer composite handles are unique, the MIX of RED and BLACK combine during injection molding in a unique way each time making every handle different from the last. 

Threaded holes are reinforced with brass inserts

*If you have a preference for a lighter or darker handle, please leave a note on the order and I will do my best to send your preference.

This can be used to replace a D-Series handle.

Compatible with:

UPK-D1, D2, and D4

Handle Material Comparison (Tensile Strength)

  • 440A Stainless Steel 220+ ksi 
  • Black 7075-T6 Aluminum 70 ksi
  • Red 50% Glass-filled Nylon 9 ksi


  • Requires Torx T20 Driver to remove screws (Not Included)
  • There are 2 stainless springs located under/inside the Button, maintain pressure on button when loosening the Lock screw,  recommend  opening slowly.
  • Upgrade requires the use of Loctite 243 in all 3 instances of hardware screws and is included

What's Included

Handle Kit (uses existing Red Button)

  • RED 50% Glass-Filled Nylon Handle
  • Loctite 243 0.5ml